Friday, September 6, 2013

What is home?

All it took was a short while at the computer, a viewing of Sherlock (BBC) with my girlfriend, a cup of tea, and the rarest of all things...a short burst of clarity and peace of mind. The moments they occur, should always be remembered.

...and so I ask again: What is home?

Home is a location, a feeling, a set of memories, or a community of people in which you share good times with. When home, comforts of life seem to be at an absolute maximum. But what if you were never feeling those good moments at home, what if your life became a vague blur from day to day, drowning out your normal daytime routine into a swirling disc of confusion and aggravation...

That sentence might have gone a tad bit too far. Sorry, let's try again.

The question I'm asking is: What is the beginning of the tipping point of the "last straw" that begins our spiral into depression?

I guess that question can't really be given a clear answer as its vague appearance makes it way into all of our lives, differently. When I think home, I think childhood memories, fun in the sun, and general happiness...but as all good things end...those memories begin to fade. It's a natural part of life but sometimes you begin to wonder, humans didn't always have these types of trouble invading their daily life. In fact, their primal instinct and way of survival depended on accuracy and speed of only their capable body, not more than 2.9 million years ago.

When did people become so civilized that their own thoughts on financial matters frighten them? Since when did the attention span of the human mind so intelligently shrink to that of a 7 second Vine video? These weren't relevant thoughts at the time of the Stone Age.

...ok, I admit that video was hilarious.

Sometimes I just wish human curiosity would've gone farther without the greed and personal gain factor to it, it's like a byproduct of ingenuity. Cash, paper money...I can think of no greater motivator to invent something new. Even right now, I'm selling my services as a composer/producer on another site...and I'm just making basic ringtones. I have to stop to much can I make off of this, so I can determine if my living situation is still sustainable and I can pay back my own debts.

I truly hate it.

What a long way from the topic I've strayed, heh. As I feel I'm going through levels of topics that have been on my mind, it's funny to notice I didn't think about it...until I started to think about home. So I guess with all of that said, I'd love to hear some comments on the topic...if anyone has anything to share. :)

Midnight Sound Service - Imperium In Imperio (Bluetech Remix)

I've always liked Bluetech's material, and this is no exception. He always has an intro that sucks you in, and when you finally get to the meat of the song, you'll be blown away by how many layers of awesomeness are entering your cranium.

Disco Dan - Green Amnesia [Green Memories]

 This has gotta be one of my favorite songs of all time, right here. I talked about video game music and remixes in one of my last blog posts but I guess, what I can say that this is one of the remixes that inspired me to begin remixing myself. More than that, it showed me how to form a song, really make an engaging intro to get people into it. You can find it, right here. Recommended as always. :)

and finally: Ulrich Schnauss - Monday (Paracetamol)

Simply amazing stuff...also, amazing fan video put together by Nikolaj Christensen. That's all I've got on this one, it's just an awesome track.

Thanks for listening!

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