Thursday, August 14, 2014

Album Review: 'Lounge For Intellectuals' by Paul Kremleff

I've always been a fan of chillout. Something about the vibes it gives off through most of the tracks I've heard in the genre...I can't quite put it into words. The ambient pads, mixed with a soothing bassline and a couple gliding arpeggios. Think of your favorite track you listen to, ask yourself how many times you would play it over without switching to something else. The term that fits closest though, would probably be equilibrium.

'Lounge for Intellectuals' is a 10-track CD by Paul Kremleff, a singer-songwriter from Moscow, Russia, emulates easy listening vibes while crossing the border into pop. A few of the tracks give off a very dance-y yet ballad feel. At "I'm Falling Down," I'm picturing over the top film soundtracks from the 80s, like...Top Gun.

The production is pretty good along most fronts and it's easy to tell where Paul excels. "4 Minutes of Contemplation" is an example. Call me a sucker for intro pads, but when the pads mesh with the already looping guitar, it's blissful. However, the negative of this album, which is hard to say for some the vocals. Sometimes they're spot on. With " - & + ", you really get a Gary Numan vibe. The vocals fit in a way that it keeps the song going with a driving force.

This is a great debut from Paul. I really feel like with a little more effort put into the vocals things would've been a little different, a little clearer. The production values stand out as being a highlight of the album, and this definitely fits into the Easy Listening genre. With influences like Barry White, U2, and Jamiroquai...Paul showcases a multitude of multigenre tracks that are well worth your time!

I give this album a 7.8 out of 10.

Thanks for reading!

Paul Kremleff