Friday, September 20, 2013

Some great new songs and a news update!

Quick thought before main blog: Why does everything become more complex throughout time?

Right, so...

News Update:

- Starting a Livestream (soon!)
- Extending the branch of blogs and writing services!
- Releasing a brand NEW album in December!

In addition, to the every growing pile of music (remixes and originals) I've been working on...I do plan to have both a remix EP released in November and a full length album release in December. The full length album is tentative, stands at about 93.4% done. Things are looking good, and there are even plans to set up physical CD sales!

Also! I have joined Insert Coin Theatre's lineup of livestreamers. If you've never checked it out, it features Ben Briggs, Jehm_Faulking, and Mega Flare. Basically, with Twitch, anyone is allowed to stream whatever they want (to a degree, we're not talking Chatroulette here). Streaming video games seems to be all the craze lately, so guess I'll jump on the bandwagon! Or...maybe catch a glimpse of me working on some new music? 


Who knows!

On top of that, as you may or may not have noticed...on OverClocked Remix, I will no longer be going by "Jakesnke17" everything (from top to bottom) is being switched to DjjD. Personally...I think it has a nice ring to it. Plus, dis artwork. I can haz use it.

(this is awesome)

Now then, let's get to some tunes!

Teminite - Neurology

As I started to post my request to join a particular original music compilation project...I started to look at the roster of musicians who were already participating. This is one of them. A young producer by the name of Teminite is making a name for himself. Arming himself with some absolutely groovy melodies and large chords, this is someone to watch out for. This is my personal favorite, but...there's quite a large selection of tracks there.

Stefan Torto - Canvas

Going in a completely different direction in the realm of electronica, here we have Stefan Torto...a chillout artist from Greece I've followed for quite some time now. So many deep textures, sometimes it's really quite astounding how the mix remains so clear. I'm a sucker for downtempo electronica that focuses on minimal beats and copious amounts of thick, wavy reverb. It's chill, it's groovy, and it's from Greece. Check it out!

BreakZhead - Disposis (Aggresivnes & FactorFunk Remix)

...and this has been one of my favorites for a while now. Why? Because it slams. So. Friggin'. Hard. Sure, the piano is a little...I dunno, stale? But when dem bass synths kick in,'s absolute chaos. I love how one of the remixers is called "Aggresivnes". Totally fits. This is a "slam you down, and wipe you across the floor" track that deserves a lot of love. Highly recommended.

and once again, that is it!

Seriously, if anyone's decided to read this, or at least listen to the music I link...I appreciate it so much. I'm constantly trying out new things this blog an experiment (I think I've already said that). I'll still be writing as much as I can allow myself to do so but if I'm not...there's always music!

Original artist: Kevin Villecco (an awesome guy). This is what the original artwork looked like:

and then my girlfriend rearranged it. :P

Thanks for reading everyone!

P.S. If you're reading this blog and you enjoy my music...or anything else. Please consider a donation as I'd love to keep doing this for a living. :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Remix, Fiverr Services, and more!

Let me just go onto say, that this post is everything I'm currently up to...and just bringing you all up to speed with what I'm doing.

As I've been talking about my own various life issues for the past several blogs and then turned to artist and album reviews...I figured, now would be a good a time as any for me to go over my other professions besides...jotting down random things and ideas. When I'm not blogging, and when I'm not thinking about what's next in the world of originals (or other non-vgm related remixes), I go by "Jakesnke17" on OverClocked Remix, the world's premier video game remixing site.

I've remixed at least 20+ different video game music pieces, ranging from classics such as Mario Bros. to Pokemon. Or Mega Man to Sonic. It's one of the most rewarding experiences, I believe. Such a vast wealth of knowledge placed in a community where one generation talks with the previous generation...and that follows suite all the way to the original composers, having them do interviews on the site for other upcoming remixers to read and learn.

After 4 years of spending my time there, it's cool to actually see the change and the rewarding "upgrades" that come with better teachers, more experienced composers, and just an overall happy fan basis that are as much interested as learning as they are chatting with each other.

 It's fascinating.

So...what's this about a new remix and what the hell is Fiverr? In OCRemix, large scale projects are organized to recreate a new imagining of what the game might sound like in a particular genre, mood, or just with modern production values. The latest one I was a part of? Gunstar Heroes: Be Aggressive

The album is a 24 track, 2 disc album that covers the majority of the game's themes and I've gotta say the originals in this game were some of the craziest pieces of music I've ever heard. It's intense stuff. So without saying too much more, here's my track:

As far as Fiverr goes, if you've never heard of it before...just picture it as a standardized eBay (Buy It Now) of $5, no matter what product or service the customer is receiving. Everything only costs $5 (at least, to start with). Despite the very obvious criticism I have with this service (they take out $1 every $5), it's well worth using if you're trying to get a little bit of business and you didn't know where to start. For myself, I'm offering a few things, a tutorial in FL Studio, a pair of ringtones composed by me, and a couple others. It's a fun little service and totally worth checking out if you've got a particular skill that you're really good at.


For the fun part.

You know that "...more!" I put at the end of the title? Well, this is it. Enjoy a secret clip of a current wip.

...and well, that's pretty much all I've got! There's a Fiverr link down at the bottom, it'll lead you to all the services if you're interested.

Thanks for reading everyone!

All teh links of me:


and all various concerns or questions, email me:

Friday, September 6, 2013

What is home?

All it took was a short while at the computer, a viewing of Sherlock (BBC) with my girlfriend, a cup of tea, and the rarest of all things...a short burst of clarity and peace of mind. The moments they occur, should always be remembered.

...and so I ask again: What is home?

Home is a location, a feeling, a set of memories, or a community of people in which you share good times with. When home, comforts of life seem to be at an absolute maximum. But what if you were never feeling those good moments at home, what if your life became a vague blur from day to day, drowning out your normal daytime routine into a swirling disc of confusion and aggravation...

That sentence might have gone a tad bit too far. Sorry, let's try again.

The question I'm asking is: What is the beginning of the tipping point of the "last straw" that begins our spiral into depression?

I guess that question can't really be given a clear answer as its vague appearance makes it way into all of our lives, differently. When I think home, I think childhood memories, fun in the sun, and general happiness...but as all good things end...those memories begin to fade. It's a natural part of life but sometimes you begin to wonder, humans didn't always have these types of trouble invading their daily life. In fact, their primal instinct and way of survival depended on accuracy and speed of only their capable body, not more than 2.9 million years ago.

When did people become so civilized that their own thoughts on financial matters frighten them? Since when did the attention span of the human mind so intelligently shrink to that of a 7 second Vine video? These weren't relevant thoughts at the time of the Stone Age.

...ok, I admit that video was hilarious.

Sometimes I just wish human curiosity would've gone farther without the greed and personal gain factor to it, it's like a byproduct of ingenuity. Cash, paper money...I can think of no greater motivator to invent something new. Even right now, I'm selling my services as a composer/producer on another site...and I'm just making basic ringtones. I have to stop to much can I make off of this, so I can determine if my living situation is still sustainable and I can pay back my own debts.

I truly hate it.

What a long way from the topic I've strayed, heh. As I feel I'm going through levels of topics that have been on my mind, it's funny to notice I didn't think about it...until I started to think about home. So I guess with all of that said, I'd love to hear some comments on the topic...if anyone has anything to share. :)

Midnight Sound Service - Imperium In Imperio (Bluetech Remix)

I've always liked Bluetech's material, and this is no exception. He always has an intro that sucks you in, and when you finally get to the meat of the song, you'll be blown away by how many layers of awesomeness are entering your cranium.

Disco Dan - Green Amnesia [Green Memories]

 This has gotta be one of my favorite songs of all time, right here. I talked about video game music and remixes in one of my last blog posts but I guess, what I can say that this is one of the remixes that inspired me to begin remixing myself. More than that, it showed me how to form a song, really make an engaging intro to get people into it. You can find it, right here. Recommended as always. :)

and finally: Ulrich Schnauss - Monday (Paracetamol)

Simply amazing stuff...also, amazing fan video put together by Nikolaj Christensen. That's all I've got on this one, it's just an awesome track.

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Album Review: Take Me Back To America

Received an interesting set of music today here at DjjD Studios headquarters. While I've never been really knowledgeable about R&B music, it's always fascinated me in a way that few genres can. Something about the chill vibes, the memorable basslines, and sensual vocals have always gotten to me. It's some of the most mood invoking material, and while blues may have been a major inspiration, R&B maintains its own feel with positivity and relaxation. King Fernand Family, born and raised in New York City, makes his own statement in the world of R&B with "Take Me Back To America", reflecting his love for this dear country. Featuring 8 Urban/Hip-Hop/Rock songs and with an impressive distribution lineup (Amazon & Google Play), he's certainly gotten his music around.

All of the tracks have a certain reggae, downtempo feel. You can hear the influences of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley as the guitar shreds; the song speaks of peaceful intentions. I can wholeheartedly hear this album as part of a 90's surfer soundtrack or as part of a Sublime remix compilation.

It took me a few listens to really get into the swing of things, but overall a worthwhile listen.

Let's go into a few of the tracks:

"Take Me Back To America"

The first moments of the song, reminisce of an older, wiser New York city. The feels of this song put you in the slums or the business districts of that old American city in slow motion just so you can explore the world around you. It's your first time in the city, unknown to wander.


The 2nd of two songs he sent me initially...totally different vibe with this one. Featuring a more prominent guitar role, the "rock" genre label for this album, stands true. A very classic rock vibe with a downtempo type beat great for a slow moving "get-together".

Only enough room for 2 tracks this time, unfortunately...however the whole album (as stated above) is available at Amazon & Google Play.

Overall: While, I'm no professional in this department of music and have never concerned myself with R&B before now, I enjoyed this album. It has potential in all the right places, the production is clean (most times), the live instrumentation is enjoyable, and (for the most part) the vocals are a nice addition. There's good to be found in most music in the sense, you'll hear a sound you'd never thought you'd hear. While most people put their concerns in production & arrangement (and rightly should), it's important to take notice of the human creative spirit and see the roots of where music really comes from.

Soul Music in every sense of the word.

I give this album a 4.3 out 5 rating.

Buy Here:
Google Play

Follow King Fernand Family:


P.S. Thanks for reading everybody! This makes my 9th blog post!

Artist Review: Adolfo Baez

Personally, I find it quite incredible when someone takes the time to perfect their craft and make something truly outlandish. It says to the world that you've got a skill and you're one of the relative few, who decided to act upon an impulse and create something unique for everyone.

Video game compositions are an incredible art within the world of music. It's taking one piece of established creation and merging it with another entirely different form of art. Pictures, turned moving animations, furnished into large scale landscapes with impressive, prophetic compositions that change an otherwise lifeless set of pixels...into a fully realized historical treasure.

I love video games, and I can see when someone appreciates my shared vision through video game music remixing...which, is another art form in itself. You have skilled talent that took the time to create the original, and then you have adept new age composers who praise that original talent by taking "source material" and transforming it into something completely new.

It takes a special person to realize what hell the original talent had to go through to make things as sound as good as they did back then.

However, this is where Adolfo Baez takes it to the next level...

By taking two steps back...

Despite all the new equipment composers/producers of the world have at their disposal today, Adolfo Baez, prefers the comforts of a simple, more stable digital audio workstation called "Mario Paint Composer". What year is that release, you might ask? 2007? 2011?


August 1, 1992. I was two years old
...and while I didn't get to play the game until I was 4-5 years older, I knew that the game had one of the most kickass flyswatting mini-games known to mankind, at that time.

The idea behind making music within a video game that a composer probably programmed as a joke...just shows you how much time was (most definitely) spent on polishing what seems to be game. Adolfo's arrangements range from 2 mins long to an impressive 15-20 mins long. They are
all jam-packed with plentiful, nostalgic etudes from an age of video games...future generations will look upon as relics.

It's hard to say that last sentence. It's hard to feel as though memories I have, are now limited to be relative to anyone who isn't in my current generation or...perhaps two generations younger.

But it explains why, when I came across Adolfo's music...I felt like a piece of that "relic" became more real again. Images started flaring up, and I could see myself playing with the largest video game coloring book again; ended up looking like this.

I don't know if this guy realizes what positive light was shed when I came across his craft, and I don't even know if he'll read this blog but I can say through his music, he's doing a service for everyone who happens to stop by his YouTube page and click "Play". Seeing the program he's using, hearing the timbre of each an enlightening look into the past.

If you've ever cared about video games and the music that was designed for them, you owe it to yourself to check out this guy's music and be amazed by the "Inception-esque" way of remixing he does.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Personal Blog #1

So I was thinking about these blogs a lot lately...

Of course, after 7 blogs one assuredly asks himself...."What do I have to talk about that's interesting?"

...and after 30 mins, a blank stare at the monitor leaves my ideas rendered futile. You can imagine for that each time I sit down to write one of these blogs I have nearly the same set of guidelines each time:

  1. Write 500 words
  2. Make an interesting topic
  3. Find some good music
I'm not saying any one of those parts is more difficult than the other, but....wait, no. That's exactly what I'm saying. The interesting topic of this blog is always the hardest. Like many others, I, a lone traveler on the vast plains of Chrome and Mozilla, search endlessly for entertaining things to satisfy my insatiable boredom. For which, there is no cure...only treatment.

I've scoured the internet for hours upon hours, my patience wears thin for new, exciting content and after 9 hrs/day, nothing is entertaining anymore. My head becomes a stainless steel soup bowl, swishing back and forth with little care for South Park or FL Studio.

I've seen enough blogs at this point, to know, that if the content starts with "I walked today. It was raining so I went inside. Made some toast. Then I went to play some games..."

I'm probably not going to read the rest of that blog. Why? My mind works like a Brazilian conga line...if it isn't making me bump and jiggle, then there's probably no point in continuing.

So as you begin to see this formula in my blog've got to imagine I'm looking at the world like a director. It's not enough to simply endure things naturally occurring in a person looking to recount and tell these stories later, you have to remember:

  • How you were feeling at the time
  • Precise moments leading up to, during, or in the aftermath
  • Notice how others were feeling
Details, are the spice of life, and if things aren't specific and generally relatable towards readers, they're gonna notice (consciously or unconsciously) and be uninterested. Imagery is key to progressing the reader's knowledge on the subject. Like downloading or uploading, the final result can only be obtained by speed. The more clean-cut the facts, the faster the transfer.

So who am I to say that most of the content on World Wide Web cyberspace is crap and why is my opinion any tad bit relevant? It's probably not, and I can imagine a lot of people think the exact same things considering there's 156 million blog pages in existence today. 


We all have to place our crappy feelings or ideas somewhere, I guess I just prefer mine in an air conditioned warehouse, housing over 33 trillion database entries every year. That sounds secure as...this (and it probably is).

Alright, just one song today. :)

D Chain - Rain Forest (ForeSpace Remix)

This song has just for some reason stuck with me. Reminiscent of when I first heard deadmau5, this song draws upon a minimal feel. It feels light as a cloud while keeping you grounded because of the dynamic drum work. As this is a free track, this should be a good find for any EDM fan.

Monday, September 2, 2013

It's all....part of the plan.

I'll be honest, the past few days have been a blur. Sleep schedule constantly changing and lack of food, has rendered me in a completely different state of mind. I feel healthier to a degree, but it does bring up some questions. Why did my schedule change so dramatically? Did the outside weather affect this new found consciousness? (I probably drank too much coffee.)

The answer is: cycles

Change happens, your body reacts.

Sometimes you might not notice it at first, but it affects you. When you hear a faint noise in the distance but don't know where it's coming don't know how or why, but you feel different. It's along the same lines as hearing a small mouse gnaw at something, and you can't tell which direction. Maybe it's a disconnected feeling, maybe it's a more closely attached feeling...but when an "event" happens, your body responds.

Last week, my dog, Brownie (15 yr. old Chihuahua) died in her sleep, after suffering many months of a large tumor under her belly. We didn't have the money to take care of the situation.

For a family member, initial feelings of guilt invaded the mind, followed by regret, and ended with depression.

Now...I wasn't a huge fan of this dog. I have very recent memories of her doing nothing but whining at the bathroom door, whining for food, barely moving, letting #1 or #2 on the carpet (right in front of me), and sometimes straight up confused about where she was. But...I never wished death upon her.

It's hard to explain, I wasn't emotionally phased by her death in a negative light...I try to imagine she's in a better place and her pain is gone. The only time it really affects me is when I look at her bed while I'm passing by the living room to get to the kitchen. You just notice that something... different.

A living thing that was right there, vanished in the blink of an eye.

Being there, right there to discover it happen...made an impression on me. While I'm shocked by her death, I'm also enlightened by change. At one end, she was old and couldn't do much on her own, but on the other end, she was a roadblock to making any progressive change because so much care was being taken of her.

Today I found myself cleaning for 6 hrs. Doesn't happen often.

Change is an odd thing. There are those of us to make the jump right into change, some of us who talk about change, afraid of the unknown...and then there are simply some of us who wait for change to find us.

Right, so here's part of my playlist for today's cleaning:

Aesop - Smoker's Anthem

A hip hop song that emphasizes vibes inspired off of Cheech & Chong and "Low Rider" and embraces the idea of...well, you know. You don't need to be a botanist to figure out what this song is about. Promoting the happy commotion, whether you're a fan of the topic or not, this song is sure to invoke a more lively, upbeat community at your party, hangout, or camping trip.

Mindset - Jakarta (Original Mix)

As summer is ending, it is only fitting that I find a call an anthem of this summer. I'm two years late but this song made an impression on me this year. Glowing textures, beautiful can practically feel the wind blow across your face bringing that cool oceanic breeze. This song gives me hope for electronica, as it is original as it is memorable for giving that early 90's trance vibe. Really good stuff, I always look forward to hearing more of Mindset.

Jens Felger - a poem

I haven't followed this artist for a long time, but from what I've heard, it's some pretty emotional classical guitar. While you're busy watering your garden, cleaning house, or simply taking a hike to enjoy the beauty in the world that is nature...listen to this song. It'll be memorable.

As always, thanks for reading.