Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Remix, Fiverr Services, and more!

Let me just go onto say, that this post is everything I'm currently up to...and just bringing you all up to speed with what I'm doing.

As I've been talking about my own various life issues for the past several blogs and then turned to artist and album reviews...I figured, now would be a good a time as any for me to go over my other professions besides...jotting down random things and ideas. When I'm not blogging, and when I'm not thinking about what's next in the world of originals (or other non-vgm related remixes), I go by "Jakesnke17" on OverClocked Remix, the world's premier video game remixing site.

I've remixed at least 20+ different video game music pieces, ranging from classics such as Mario Bros. to Pokemon. Or Mega Man to Sonic. It's one of the most rewarding experiences, I believe. Such a vast wealth of knowledge placed in a community where one generation talks with the previous generation...and that follows suite all the way to the original composers, having them do interviews on the site for other upcoming remixers to read and learn.

After 4 years of spending my time there, it's cool to actually see the change and the rewarding "upgrades" that come with better teachers, more experienced composers, and just an overall happy fan basis that are as much interested as learning as they are chatting with each other.

 It's fascinating.

So...what's this about a new remix and what the hell is Fiverr? In OCRemix, large scale projects are organized to recreate a new imagining of what the game might sound like in a particular genre, mood, or just with modern production values. The latest one I was a part of? Gunstar Heroes: Be Aggressive

The album is a 24 track, 2 disc album that covers the majority of the game's themes and I've gotta say the originals in this game were some of the craziest pieces of music I've ever heard. It's intense stuff. So without saying too much more, here's my track:

As far as Fiverr goes, if you've never heard of it before...just picture it as a standardized eBay (Buy It Now) of $5, no matter what product or service the customer is receiving. Everything only costs $5 (at least, to start with). Despite the very obvious criticism I have with this service (they take out $1 every $5), it's well worth using if you're trying to get a little bit of business and you didn't know where to start. For myself, I'm offering a few things, a tutorial in FL Studio, a pair of ringtones composed by me, and a couple others. It's a fun little service and totally worth checking out if you've got a particular skill that you're really good at.


For the fun part.

You know that "...more!" I put at the end of the title? Well, this is it. Enjoy a secret clip of a current wip.

...and well, that's pretty much all I've got! There's a Fiverr link down at the bottom, it'll lead you to all the services if you're interested.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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