Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Personal Blog #1

So I was thinking about these blogs a lot lately...

Of course, after 7 blogs one assuredly asks himself...."What do I have to talk about that's interesting?"

...and after 30 mins, a blank stare at the monitor leaves my ideas rendered futile. You can imagine for that each time I sit down to write one of these blogs I have nearly the same set of guidelines each time:

  1. Write 500 words
  2. Make an interesting topic
  3. Find some good music
I'm not saying any one of those parts is more difficult than the other, but....wait, no. That's exactly what I'm saying. The interesting topic of this blog is always the hardest. Like many others, I, a lone traveler on the vast plains of Chrome and Mozilla, search endlessly for entertaining things to satisfy my insatiable boredom. For which, there is no cure...only treatment.

I've scoured the internet for hours upon hours, my patience wears thin for new, exciting content and after 9 hrs/day, nothing is entertaining anymore. My head becomes a stainless steel soup bowl, swishing back and forth with little care for South Park or FL Studio.

I've seen enough blogs at this point, to know, that if the content starts with "I walked today. It was raining so I went inside. Made some toast. Then I went to play some games..."

I'm probably not going to read the rest of that blog. Why? My mind works like a Brazilian conga line...if it isn't making me bump and jiggle, then there's probably no point in continuing.

So as you begin to see this formula in my blog writings...you've got to imagine I'm looking at the world like a director. It's not enough to simply endure things naturally occurring in life...as a person looking to recount and tell these stories later, you have to remember:

  • How you were feeling at the time
  • Precise moments leading up to, during, or in the aftermath
  • Notice how others were feeling
Details, are the spice of life, and if things aren't specific and generally relatable towards readers, they're gonna notice (consciously or unconsciously) and be uninterested. Imagery is key to progressing the reader's knowledge on the subject. Like downloading or uploading, the final result can only be obtained by speed. The more clean-cut the facts, the faster the transfer.

So who am I to say that most of the content on World Wide Web cyberspace is crap and why is my opinion any tad bit relevant? It's probably not, and I can imagine a lot of people think the exact same things considering there's 156 million blog pages in existence today. 


We all have to place our crappy feelings or ideas somewhere, I guess I just prefer mine in an air conditioned warehouse, housing over 33 trillion database entries every year. That sounds secure as...this (and it probably is).

Alright, just one song today. :)

D Chain - Rain Forest (ForeSpace Remix)

This song has just for some reason stuck with me. Reminiscent of when I first heard deadmau5, this song draws upon a minimal feel. It feels light as a cloud while keeping you grounded because of the dynamic drum work. As this is a free track, this should be a good find for any EDM fan.

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