Friday, September 20, 2013

Some great new songs and a news update!

Quick thought before main blog: Why does everything become more complex throughout time?

Right, so...

News Update:

- Starting a Livestream (soon!)
- Extending the branch of blogs and writing services!
- Releasing a brand NEW album in December!

In addition, to the every growing pile of music (remixes and originals) I've been working on...I do plan to have both a remix EP released in November and a full length album release in December. The full length album is tentative, stands at about 93.4% done. Things are looking good, and there are even plans to set up physical CD sales!

Also! I have joined Insert Coin Theatre's lineup of livestreamers. If you've never checked it out, it features Ben Briggs, Jehm_Faulking, and Mega Flare. Basically, with Twitch, anyone is allowed to stream whatever they want (to a degree, we're not talking Chatroulette here). Streaming video games seems to be all the craze lately, so guess I'll jump on the bandwagon! Or...maybe catch a glimpse of me working on some new music? 


Who knows!

On top of that, as you may or may not have noticed...on OverClocked Remix, I will no longer be going by "Jakesnke17" everything (from top to bottom) is being switched to DjjD. Personally...I think it has a nice ring to it. Plus, dis artwork. I can haz use it.

(this is awesome)

Now then, let's get to some tunes!

Teminite - Neurology

As I started to post my request to join a particular original music compilation project...I started to look at the roster of musicians who were already participating. This is one of them. A young producer by the name of Teminite is making a name for himself. Arming himself with some absolutely groovy melodies and large chords, this is someone to watch out for. This is my personal favorite, but...there's quite a large selection of tracks there.

Stefan Torto - Canvas

Going in a completely different direction in the realm of electronica, here we have Stefan Torto...a chillout artist from Greece I've followed for quite some time now. So many deep textures, sometimes it's really quite astounding how the mix remains so clear. I'm a sucker for downtempo electronica that focuses on minimal beats and copious amounts of thick, wavy reverb. It's chill, it's groovy, and it's from Greece. Check it out!

BreakZhead - Disposis (Aggresivnes & FactorFunk Remix)

...and this has been one of my favorites for a while now. Why? Because it slams. So. Friggin'. Hard. Sure, the piano is a little...I dunno, stale? But when dem bass synths kick in,'s absolute chaos. I love how one of the remixers is called "Aggresivnes". Totally fits. This is a "slam you down, and wipe you across the floor" track that deserves a lot of love. Highly recommended.

and once again, that is it!

Seriously, if anyone's decided to read this, or at least listen to the music I link...I appreciate it so much. I'm constantly trying out new things this blog an experiment (I think I've already said that). I'll still be writing as much as I can allow myself to do so but if I'm not...there's always music!

Original artist: Kevin Villecco (an awesome guy). This is what the original artwork looked like:

and then my girlfriend rearranged it. :P

Thanks for reading everyone!

P.S. If you're reading this blog and you enjoy my music...or anything else. Please consider a donation as I'd love to keep doing this for a living. :)

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