Monday, November 18, 2013

Random YouTube Video: Texting, Talking, Checking Mail (TTCM) by BrothersP

Haven't spoken for a while, how's everyone doing?

Great, because here's something I found that's quite different. A comedy/country music song that focuses on the sole purpose of emphasizing the over usage of phones. Trying to go out on the date with a beautiful girl just isn't what it used to be and sometimes the phone can be a bastard.

Who knew?

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of country (Johnny Cash, has and will always be exempt from this)...I listen to most things that are out there today and it just doesn't click. Comedy, is another genre though. Putting these two together in most cases...just seems like you'd be putting bread and mustard on your already well established pork and beans. But instead, you have Oreos and milk.

Overall, a good story; one that a lot of people will find enjoyable. The kind and polite gentleman meets a lady that has a phone plastered to her face. He continues to press forward with the date as the lady is exploring the latest apps. It's clever, the dialogue is witty and it features a number of varied backgrounds to keep the listener going!

Nearly 5 mins; starts to feel a little long, but this song is great! Albeit the lip syncing was a little strange, but given the nature of's almost meant to be off in a comedic fashion. Everything makes sense, and gave me a good chuckle. Good work, BrothersP!

Check out the rest of their stuff here.

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