Thursday, November 28, 2013

Artist/Single Review: "Real Wit Yaself feat. Melinna Bobadilla"

Let's face it.

Rap at its core - when it's good - is all about expression in the most soulful and elaborate way possible. Its depth is measured by the content heard in the lyrics and its production is systematically placed by utilizing harmonic blocks in a digital audio work space. When you're listening to hip-hop, the idea is to pass along a message in a unique approach as to create an exclusive signature. In other words, get people to say, "This s*** is dope."

The artist, A-B-E, does just that. From the start, we have some superb strings playing in the back with an expressive jazz guitar. The groove is polished and the drums are smooth; it carries the song until the vocals provide the melody telling a story along the way. More than its production values, this is a very inspirational song. From the title alone, the message is "to be yourself". Don't lose your values or dignity as a human being; each person has their own set of freedoms. The artist makes it clear that this song is meant to trigger motivation and inspire those with a less than a fond perspective of humanity.

...and on top of that, there are some sexy vocals spread out in-between sung by Melinna Bobadilla.

If you're into intelligent songwriting, captivating rhymes, smooth beats, and uplifting messages...A-B-E is someone to look out for. I really liked this track and I hope there will be more like it. The only thing I could say in criticism is that I wish it was available through more outlets such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp, since it's only on Spotify and iTunes for now. More outlets means more advertisement/exposure and this is an artist who deserves it.

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