Saturday, December 28, 2013

Album Review: 'Youtubedemic' by SIC ILL

From the square waves represented in the first song, "iRepresent" to the phat beats of "Downtown Streets", there's no doubt, 'Youtubedemic' features a diverse range of audible content. This laid back, groovy, and fun compendium of slick and varied tunes has touches of Afroman and Gorillaz while maintaining a healthy dose of originality. As you listen more and more through the tunes, you begin to notice how many different sets of drums this artist goes over. Favorite tune so far is: City of Glass.

For those of you listening to this who are audiophiles, you might be turned off by the sounds used. The problem I sense with some of these tunes is that they feel a little cluttered; overwhelmed by bass. However, the creativity and arrangement of each tune, is enough to pull me through to the next track. It's a nice change, compared to most of the other rap I've been listening to; it gives it an authentic underground feel.

The way I look at it, production values and modern mixing is the icing on top of a cake. But sometimes, that icing can be laid on a little too thick and in turn would ruin the cake. Occasionally, you like that extra sugar but every so often, it's nice to take a step back and appreciate the baking process that took place.

I really enjoyed some of these tunes, and I'm glad I took the time to listen to it a few times over. It's creative, original, and it varies from tune to tune. For a free download, I'd say this is a nice find. :)

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